Our Clients

Web Advertising is currently providing website products and services to hundreds of hometown newspapers in the United States. Below you will find a sample listing of some of our clients.


Herald Publications

My publishing company owns 23 newspapers in Missouri and Illinois. On behalf of my management and staff that work directly with Websites for Newspapers, I highly recommend them.

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Greg Hoskins - Publisher
Mascoutah, IL

The Bourbon County Citizen

WEBSITES FOR NEWSPAPERS has pretty much saved us. For us, monetarily, it is paying for itself, just like the folks said it would when we first signed on.  Thank you, Websites For Newspapers!

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Becca Lawyer - Publisher
Paris, KY

Frio – Nueces Current

We have found WebsitesForNewspapers to be a good fit for our newspaper.

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Craig Garnett - Publisher
Pearsall, TX

The Lexington Progress

We have been incredibly impressed with our new website, thru Websites for Newspapers. We 100% recommend them!

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Brooke Franklin James - Co – Editor
Lexington, TN

Greene County Herald

Our relationship with Websites for Newspapers has been great. We’ve realized growing readership and revenues because of the relationship.

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George R “Russell” Turner - Editor & General Manager
Leakesville, MS

Pace News

First off I am so grateful to have found a company like Websites For Newspapers because it
has living people which is a rarity these days. Because of Websites For Newspapers, I am more confident in the media product on display 24/7 creating greater opportunities for PACE NEWS to produce greater revenue streams.

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Dr. Gloria Zuurveen - Founder/CEO
Los Angeles, CA

Gibson County News

The Mirror-Exchange and our sister newspapers have used Websites For Newspapers since 2008. We have been a very happy customer for a long time and I would recommend Websites For Newspapers to any publisher that wants an easy to use, profitable website.

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Victor Parkins - Editor & Publisher
Milan, TN

The Edina Sentinel

The websites for newspapers team has put a lot of thought and powerful tools behind their product and its ability to deliver local news, which is designed to put print publications into the digital current.

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Echo Menges - Editor
Edina, MO

The Clinton Courier

WebsitesForNewspapers makes running a newspaper online quick and easy.

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Doris Bynum - Office Manager
Clinton, MS

The Goldthwaite Eagle

The process is as simple as uploading the PDFs of our newspaper each week, and Tammy and crew take care of the rest. Highly recommended for simple, easy, FAST customer-friendly service in publishing online!

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James Taylor - Editor
Goldthwaite, TX

The Taylorsville Times

Since we partnered with Websites for Newspapers in 2009, we have been very impressed with the level of service that we receive. Our advertisers and readers have commented on the quality and appearance of our website, and that’s always good to hear.

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Wesley M. Sharpe - Associate Publisher
Taylorsville, NC

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