The Goldthwaite Eagle

The Goldthwaite Eagle

James Taylor - Editor
Goldthwaite, TX

I’ve had many great experiences as a newspaper publisher with Websites For Newspapers, specifically Tammy Haeberle. The online version of our newspaper consistently looks good, e-mails to subscribers go out like clockwork when they’re supposed to, and our readers have a great, easy experience with the online viewing interface.

The process is as simple as uploading the PDFs of our newspaper each week, and Tammy and crew take care of the rest.

We also often have special requests – special sections, page changes, ‘ads’ for our special sections put in our side-scroller – and Tammy and crew are always quick to help. They make sure everything looks right. Sometimes they even spot problems we didn’t, and let us know, so we can get them fixed before publishing to the web.

Highly recommended for simple, easy, FAST customer-friendly service in publishing online!