The Wayne County News

The Wayne County News

Paul Keane - Publisher
Waynesboro, MS

I’ve been working with the folks at Websites for Newspapers since June 2009, and I could not be happier nor more pleased with the services and products they provide, especially for small community newspapers like mine.

One of the things I like is that they are constantly looking at ways to upgrade their services and products, and they don’t mind input from their customers. I like to say that I’m the crazy person who will try anything, and I’ve pitched some pretty wild ideas to them over the years. They’ve always tried to make it work so that I could make money from my website. I also like to point out that I’ve been the company’s guinea pig at times, with Tammy or Ashley contacting me and saying, “Paul, we’ve got this new thing and we wanted to try it out on your website.” Some have worked and others haven’t, but I appreciate them wanting to constantly upgrade and do things that help their customers generate revenue.

One area where they have been extremely helpful is with the use of our video productions and live broadcasts on our website. Tammy actually suggested back in 2009 that I might want to start putting video up on my website, and she put me in touch with some other folks who were already doing it. That move alone has created a substantial amount of revenue for my company.

Another thing I like about the company is that they don’t “nickel and dime” you to death. With previous providers I had worked with before switching to Websites for Newspapers, every little minor change to the site brought about a new charge. Naturally, Ricky and his crew have to charge you for some things but they try to keep that at a minimum. For a small operation such as mine, that is greatly appreciated.

I would highly recommend Websites for Newspapers to anyone, but especially to the smaller operations such as mine. The ease of use and the technical support is invaluable for people who have little time and limited knowledge of developing and growing websites.